Coastal wall hanging

The coastline of the NW of Scotland is an explorer's dream. Twists and turns reveal hidden beaches and forests, craggy rocks and wildlife popping up just when you least expect it. The coastal wall hanging is a reflection of all this and invites the watcher to dream of adventures and new discoveries. It is designed to be reversible so on those days you want to see the vibrant craggy colours pick the bold side and if you want a more tonal, reflective look, just turn the hanging over. Each hanging consists of five different coloured yarns designed to create depth and shadow.

Each piece comes with a threaded steel pole and is weighted at the bottom. It's all ready to hang whichever way you like.


Dimensions : 84cm x 135cm

Colours : Midnight and Buoy, Ocean and Grass

Knitted + hand-finished in Scotland from 100% superfine Lambswool and elastic



Coast in Midnight/Buoy
Midnight/Buoy close up
ocean coast details
Coastal wall hanging

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