Twig, a three-colour jacquard seeks to capture the sense of movement within nature. Drawings of wind swept grasses and tree branches informed this design. The result is a spontaneous, surprising design that can be worn showing the bright hue of the elastic or the subtle imprints on the reverse.

Edged in a contrasting hue to reflect the flashes of colours found in the wild.

Dimensions : 23cm x 140cm

Weight :

Colours : fog/chocolate twig with furnace edge, denim/herb twig with heather edge or moss/ocean twig with evoo edge

Knitted + hand-finished in Scotland from 100% superfine Lambswool and elastic



Twig knot
Twig reversed
Twig wrapped
Twig knotted
Twig wrapped
Twig details
Twig  wrapped
Twig closeup
Twig edge
Twig knotted

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